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Rhode Island Lemon Law - Used Cars


Many states do not have lemon laws that cover used vehicles, but Rhode Island is an exception. The Rhode Island lemon law for used cars and vehicles is one that offers consumers protection if they have a used car warranty.

Within the used car warranty period, the vehicle must have been at the dealership three times for the same repair or the vehicle must have been out of service for 15 days within the warranty period.

What is the recommended course of action for a used car, truck or other vehicle that turns out to be a lemon in Rhode Island? First, the consumer needs to contact the dealer (manufacturer) to see if there is an informal dispute process in order. This is oftentimes outlined in the contract you have signed.

If the dealership fails to honor their warranty, then the Attorney General's office recommends contacting an lawyer. The Rhode Island Lemon Law does not specifically cover a sale of vehicles between private parties. However, the state forbids a private party from selling a car, truck or other vehicle that does not meet state inspection standards.

See more information at the Rhode Island Attorney General Consumer Protection Unit page.




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Rhode Island Lemon Laws were set in motion to protect you, the consumer. Find out the specifics of what you need to know about the Rhode Island Lemon Laws on this website. If all else fails you may need to contact a Rhode Island Lemon Law attorney to seek the compensation you deserve.

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